Customer Testimonials

Please take a few moments to read our testimonials and you will discover why our programs have been so well-received by schools and districts. We find that our customers can tell our story better than we can.

The quick feedback provides teachers with the ability to focus on various targeted areas to meet the needs of students. The stories were liked by our students and the graphics and presentation of material was outstanding.

Amy Gael, CRT
Palmetto Elementary

Write Score is an excellent program to help teachers improve their students’ writing. The graphs and reports are helpful in that they help teachers to pinpoint the weak areas in their writing program.

B. Milligan, Principal
Lincoln Elementary

While there have been many benefits that have come from our association with Write Score, their willingness to be flexible and accommodate our needs has been truly outstanding. They are an excellent company with which to work.

Barbara Sager
Madison Middle School

We are reviewing our data and scores each year to see indeed that our students are scoring higher due to Write Score.

Bertha Brooks-Walker
Forest Ridge Elementary

Write Score does an outstanding job of making the data user friendly. It’s updates are up to par with district and state requirements eliminating the need for administrators and teachers to create graphs.

Carmen Carrasco-Thompson, Principal
Lake Como Elementary School

Write Score has been a valuable tool for us to use as a progress monitor. It is a well planned objective measure. We have made great strides this year.

Christine Levings, Reading Coach
Crooms Academy of Information Technology

The charts and graphs are fantastic tools to see at a glance progress in specific areas across teams and teachers. We use the by student results for parent conferences and the class results for lesson planning. Results are shared across the curriculum so that other teachers can provide support through their content area.

Christine Middleton, Assistant Principal
Twin Lakes Academy Middle School

I love the email version…we now get the data immediately.

Darrell Perry, Principal
Paxon Middle School

The results are received with colorful graphics displaying the student’s learning gains. These graphics are awesome for our data wall.

Dr. Brenda Martin-Smith, Principal
Rock Lake Elementary School

Write Score has been a major component of our FCAT preparation. By using Write Score, we are able to target specific instructional needs of students.

Dr. Connie Collins, Principal
Crooms Academy of Information Technology

We are very pleased with the availability, quick response to our request, patience, and follow-up of your customer service contact person.

Dr. Nestor Diaz, Assistant Principal
Coral Gables High

In todays schools, all stakeholders are pushed for instant results. Grading writing papers are very time consuming and not always recorded with accurate results. Write Score eliminates wasted time and inaccuracies in grading practices. It is a great tool.

Eric Seymour, Principal
Vero Beach High
(866) 456-0590
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