Our user friendly “RosterSync + 1Click Access”

We seamlessly integrate with ClassLink ™  and Clever ™.   Both solutions offers the ability for a student, a teacher or an administrator to be  a single mouse click away from Write Score apps.  This eliminates the need for new logins and passwords to be managed, while allowing secure, governed and automated daily roster transfers.

Benefits For Educators

Benefit from having the Write Score apps displayed in your district’s “app launcher” and access them with a single click.

  • NO MORE complex roster management. The data securely flows directly from the district’s student information system (SIS) into Write Score.
  • NO MORE need to create, remember or use lWrite Score-specific login credentials or passwords.

Benefits for Technologists

Benefit from a 5-min activation process.

  • NO MORE FTPs to be setup or daily transfers to be schedule and monitor.
  • NO MORE scheduled jobs to extract data from the SIS.
  • NO MORE complex database queries to write and tests.
  • NO MORE files transfers that might include login or passwords information.
  • NO MORE credentials for users to remember – pure SSO.

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