In 2004, a number of administrators and educators from Orange County, FL approached us to help them fill a need. Their students were struggling with successfully completing open response questions and essays. For various reasons, the schools’ local efforts at assessing their students’ abilities with open-ended questions and essays were not yielding reliable objective data, and they were unable to find any company that could affordably hand score open-response questions and essays with human scorers.As educators and teachers with strong technology backgrounds, we found ourselves in a unique position to fill this need. Consequently, our programs were designed, tested, and approved by a diverse team of administrators and educators to meet state standards and affordably fill the real-world educational and budget needs that face individual schools on a daily basis.

Using our analytical approach to writing, teachers are able to determine the areas where their students’ need additional help and provide differentiated instruction to optimize student growth.

With data-driven classroom instruction, teachers can effectively use classroom time and resources to achieve their educational goals. Write Score has successfully been able to develop reading and writing products that:

  • Align with state standards.
  • Analyze a student’s ability to apply his knowledge in a performance task.
  • Recognize the constraints of real-world school budgets.
  • Provide the most relevant information needed by administrators and teachers.
  • Provide a quick turnaround time for scoring papers and returning relevant data.

Since our first response to Orange County needs, we have hand scored millions of performance tasks and now serve schools in most Florida counties and several additional states.

We Are Educators

As educators, it is our goal to help students think critically, read thoughtfully, and write so that they may communicate effectively. Teachers work from year to year in an effort to help students respond to great literature, analyze text on subjects of all kinds, and build a repertoire of literacy skills necessary to find success in their academic, personal, and – ultimately – professional lives. Helping students gain the literacy skills necessary for success in school and beyond takes the time and attention of a skilled teacher. Like all artists and practitioners, teachers benefit greatly when they have solid tools with which to work. Write Score is pleased to offer those tools.

Who We Are

Write Score provides robust tools for formative ELA assessments designed to help schools, teachers, and students improve literacy. With standards-aligned assessments, instructional resources, and historical student data reports, Write Score provides tools to help teachers pinpoint instruction, save time, and meet students’ diverse literacy needs. We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality in our programs, customer service, and value.