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General Topics

Write Score is a professional educational company that provides districts and schools with formative assessments, resulting data, and instructional resources for use with students. As a formative assessment platform, Write Score provides assessments and hand-scored data that align to State Standards within two weeks or less. Our all-inclusive ELA Programs offer a low cost, objective solution to having your teachers hand-score student open responses. Educators’ instructional time in the classroom is most valuable.
Our process is easy, fast, and efficient! Once we receive a confirmed contract with a signature, purchase order, credit card, or check, our Customer Service team will notify you within 24 hours regarding additional information needed to set up your account for the school year: student list, testing dates, and genres. Please allow a 10-business-day setup window from the time you place your order and the time you plan your first administration.
Our Programs are web-based applications. There's no need to download or install any software to use Write Score’s program. Since students and schools will be working in a web browser, there are a few browser requirements and access points listed below for optimal performance. TECH SPECIFICATIONS
Write Score has one of the best Customer Service teams that are continuously striving to meet the needs and expectations of customers. Educators are pleased with the availability, quick response to requests, patience, and follow-up that the team delivers.
Write Score’s Licensed Term begins August 15th of any school year and ends on June 30th of the same school year. Schools may contract at any point during the licensed term.

Our Processes

Pricing is based on three items: online or paper/pencil assessments, number of students in each grade level, and the number of assessments you would like to purchase per grade level. Each program is all-inclusive within the cost. Request your price quote now and receive it within one business day.
Districts or schools select the testing dates that fit within their schedules and select genres according to their preference.
No, you will not see the same assessments each year. Write Score does retire and rotate assessments within a three-year cycle.
Testing materials will arrive at your school 5-7 days prior to your scheduled testing dates. Within the box will be test booklets and pre-printed answer sheets bundled by teacher and period for easy distribution. Administration directions are found on Write Score’s Educator Portal. Completed assessments are returned in the original box and shipped back to us with the prepaid UPS shipping label that is included with your testing materials.
Teachers can administer assessments completely online in their classrooms or computer labs. Students will access the online Student Testing Portal with the credentials that are provided with the requested student list received by Write Score from the district or school. The online testing platform promotes a positive experience with the same look and feel as their state assessment.
Upon receiving your Write Score contract, administration will receive an automated email within one business day with their credentials to access the Educator Portal. Teachers receive their automated email with their credentials once we have received the student list. The Educator Portal dashboard provides lesson plans, how-to’s, test monitoring, and enhanced data results that will take your teachers to another level of instruction.
The Educator Portal is a web-based program that is user friendly and easy to navigate. There are training videos and informative how-to’s accessible on the dashboard if there should be a need for training. Plus, our Customer Service team is always available to answer any questions.