Prior to the application process

We are currently hiring independent contractors for this scoring season (August – April). Please note that we currently have a waitlist.

See “When does the next orientation session begin?” for current dates. To apply, please visit our application page.

Orientation sessions are scheduled as needed, with our largest taking place in August and September. Additional sessions are added throughout our scoring season (August through April).

Please visit our  application page  to apply – which will automatically put your name on the waitlist. As positions become available, applicants will be invited to join orientation via the waitlist in the order in which their names were added.

Yes, you are required to upload a resume.

Yes, applicants must have a minimum of a two-year degree.

In order to begin scoring, applicants must complete the following:

  • submit a completed application from our application page
  • review the assigned grade-band orientation information
  • demonstrate theoretical and practical scoring ability

Most scorers make $9-$12 per hour in mid-season. Essays are paid per piece, so in this sense, speed matters. Most people who are new to scoring will not average $9-$12 for the first several pay periods.

Most scorers make $9-$12 per hour in mid-season. Essays are paid per piece, so in this sense, speed matters. Most people who are new to scoring will not average $9-$12 for the first several pay periods.

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive a notification from Write Score via email. If it’s been more than two business days since submitting your application, please send us a message.

Scorers must have a minimum of a two-year degree. If you’re not to that point yet, we can’t pull you into the scoring team. But keep going with that degree!

If you’d like to recommend a friend, family member, or acquaintance to join our scoring team, please direct him or her to our application page.

Not everyone is built to be a scorer.  Our veteran scorers share the following characteristics:

  • fast readers
  • able to think critically while reading
  • good communicators
  • able to meet deadlines
  • flexible and able to make changes as requested

Orientation and calibration done during orientation does not count toward a scorer’s essay tally and is therefore not eligible for compensation.

During the application process

Please email Customer Service at to let us know. Thanks for your interest and for letting us know you won’t be continuing.

Because everyone is different with the time it takes them to review content, we can’t provide an exact time. For applicants who have participated in previous Write Score orientation sessions, we think you’ll be pleased to see how we’ve streamlined and shortened the process.

Most people will be able to complete the orientation content in a day or two. Orientation includes the following components: review presentations, practice scoring, and pass two scoring quizzes.

The allotted time for applicants to complete the entire onboarding process is ONE (1) WEEK. Extensions will be granted if a hardship occurs that necessitates additional time to complete the orientation process, such as a life-changing event or family emergency. If you need an extension and you meet the requirements, please contact the Contractor Management Team.

Please note: mastering the scoring process takes time, including applying feedback to your scoring after orientation.

In the big picture, scoring is a lot like anything that requires skill: practice makes perfect. The more you score, the more accurate and faster you’ll become. First though, you’ll need to spend some time completing orientation.

We hire scorers based on need; fortunately, we’re always growing and generally able to take on another scorer or two who applied initially after we’ve filled spots. If you’re unable to complete orientation within 7 days of your acceptance notification, please let us know by emailing

Don’t have PowerPoint? Local libraries usually have PowerPoint on their computers at no cost to library members.

Forgot your password? Visit this link to reset it.

A presentation won’t play.- what do I do? We suggest downloading the presentation. Once you’ve done that, put it into slide show mode to view.  You need to have PowerPoint to view the presentations.

Text too small? Click control + to enlarge it. Control – will make the text smaller.

Press CTRL and “+”  to enlarge or CTRL + “-” to make the text smaller.

Quizzes need to be completed in one sitting to avoid timing out.

The requirements to work outside the U.S.

  1. Must have an account with a U.S. bank. (We do not use PayPal)
    1. Must have an Account and a Routing Number.
  2. Must be able to provide a Government Issued ID with Photo.
    1. If you are a U.S. citizen working overseas must provide a picture of U.S. Passport with Visa.
    2. If you’re not a U.S. citizen must provide a picture of your country of origins ID with a federal Identification tracking number that also has a photo.

Please take a few minutes to view the Step-by-Step PowerPoint

Following the application process

The correct answers appear on the first quiz (the orientation quiz). The answers are not publicly available on the calibration quiz.

If you passed the quiz, you will be put in contact with a Grade Band Checker. This person will help you by providing scoring feedback as you continue scoring.

As soon as applicants pass the calibration quiz and demonstrate ability to score, they are sent paperwork (contract, etc.). Once that contract is returned and countersigned, applicants are placed on a scoring team with a Grade Band Checker.

The Grade Band Checker will contact all scorers as soon as possible, and generally within one business day of when an applicant completes paperwork.

We understand that in life, things happen. And we know scoring isn’t for everyone. Whatever the reason, we ask you to let us know in writing that you’re not able to continue on with us. Please email Customer Service at to give your notice. As a professional courtesy, if you’ve been assigned a Grade Band Checker already, please cc that person as well.

Contractors are paid every two weeks via ACH bank transfer on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

The calculation considers all scoring tasks completed at midnight (UTC – Universally Coordinated Time or 8pm Friday Eastern Daylight Savings Time) as of previous Friday.  Here’s a time converter.

Scorers are Independent Contractors, which means several things:

  • no taxes will be taken out of your check (this is the scorer’s responsibility)
  • scorers who make more than $600 in the calendar year will be sent a 1099 Tax Form, per federal guidelines
  • 1099 Forms will be sent to all applicable scorers shortly after January 1 (usually in mid-January)

Please consult your tax professional for advice.

We don’t. As an Independent Contractor, it is the job of each scorer to pay taxes on income. Please consult your tax professional for advice.

To update your banking information, please resubmit the ACH form.

To update your mailing or email address, please email so we can update your record.

No, scorers are not able to draw unemployment as they are classified as Independent Contractors. Please refer to your signed contract (which was emailed to you) for additional details.

If you’re currently scoring at a certain grade level, please check with your Grade Band Checker for availability at other grade levels.

If you weren’t successful in completing orientation for a particular grade band, you are welcome to apply again in future scoring seasons.

Scoring assignments are made by Grade Band Checkers. Scorers have scoring accounts in which each assignment appears.

As scorers begin scoring, assignments are generally a smaller quantity – then grow in quantity as scorers become more proficient. Scorers and Grade Band Checkers communicate to establish quantities that work for both parties. In general, scorers should be able to process a minimum of 200 essays per week (this depends on each individual scorer). We strive to be flexible and work within our contractors’ availability while considering accuracy and speed.

Contracting assignments often have a two-to-three day turnaround time, though this may change slightly depending on the situation. Due dates are clearly noted on assignments. We always remind scorers that communication is key — if issues arise, we can usually work through them if scorers communicate with Grade Band Checkers.

As an independent contractor, it is up to each scorer to complete the work by the date that it is due.