In-school, Home, & Blended Solutions for Assessment and Instruction

Measuring students’ literacy abilities and using data to inform instructional decisions is important, especially when there is a massive disruption in learning continuity. To address learning gaps and augment our online and paper-based assessments offerings, Write Score provides the following state-aligned and time-saving solutions.

Online Assessments

Remote learners can access the online platform in the same manner as in-school learners. 

The online approach allows students to view sources, type responses, and use tools similar to state-mandated tests. We include test-monitoring tools to ensure fidelity across grade levels and track progress. Additionally, the online platform delivers all the assessment results and seamlessly integrates with ClassLink and Clever SSO/Roster solutions.

Paper Assessments

If you have remote learners for whom paper-based assessments are not feasible, we can provide the same assessment online for those students. 

Paper-based assessment packages are bundled with student-specific answer sheets and shipped directly to schools to be further distributed.

Online or Printed Handouts & Resources

  • Includes lesson plans, texts, handouts, teaching charts, and more.
  • Printable only (Grades K-1). Online & printable (Grades 2-11).
  • Handouts include ready-to-go digital assignments for upload into a wide variety of digital learning environments. No separate program or LMS for students to log into. 
  • Teachers can rapidly distribute fillable handouts within a variety of LMS programs, Microsoft Office 365, G-Suite, and so on.

Students’ Assessment Data 

  • Students are able to access their data and essays remotely, making online assessment even more flexible for a variety of academic plans.
  • Student data is valuable, especially when it’s in the hands of students! It helps them see their learning as a growth process over time.
  • High-scoring and exemplar materials are provided to help students gauge their performance and set goals.
  • In distance learning scenarios, student access to data allows for immediate viewing of results – and opens the door for revision assignments, discussion, and other instructional activities.

Post-Assessment (in-school or online)

  • Templates for teacher-led data discussions are included.
  • Teachers and approved administrators have role-based access to the student, class, grade, and school-level data.
  • Valuable assessment-results analysis supports instructional decision making.

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