• Over 3.2 Million Essays Scored10 years of providing consistent and dependable results
  • Quick Turnaround Timeimpacts your instructional decisions NOW!
  • Administrative Dataat a click of a button know your school's writing performance
  • Standards-based Literacy Assessmentsaligned to your state standards
  • Teacher Datapinpoints exact strengths and weaknesses of each student's writing
  • Instructional Resources for Teachers* Lesson Plans * Student Activities * Professional Tools
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Write Score provides robust tools for formative writing and literacy assessments designed to help schools, teachers, and students improve literacy. With standards-aligned assessments, professional development, and historical student writing portfolios, Write Score provides tools to help teachers pinpoint instruction, save time, and meet students' diverse literacy needs. We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality in our programs, customer service, and value.

As educators, it is our goal to help students think critically, read thoughtfully, and write so that they may communicate effectively. Teachers work from year to year in an effort to help students respond to great literature, analyze text on subjects of all kinds, and build a repertoire of literacy skills necessary to find success in their academic, personal, and - ultimately - professional lives. Helping students gain the literacy skills necessary for success in school and beyond takes the time and attention of a skilled teacher. Like all artists and practitioners, teachers benefit greatly when they have solid tools with which to work. Write Score is pleased to offer those tools.