Teachers are busy. Our tools help.

Write Score includes a bank of instructional materials aligned to standards and each data point in our scoring criteria – connecting students’ areas of need with resources.

  • Write Score data pinpoints students’ writing weaknesses; supporting instructional materials provide resources for instruction on those weaknesses.
  • Bank of lesson sets available at the beginning of the year for each topic on which we score, including everything from introductions to attributions, and transitions to development of support.
  • Includes Scope & Sequences.
  • Easy-to-follow lesson plan, a PowerPoint that is grade- and age-level appropriate with relatable content, a student handout, and a teachers’ edition. Many lessons also contain an additional resource such as additional texts, a graphic organizer, or other handout.
  • Article banks, including civics content, provide teachers access to texts and text sets.
  • Post-assessment resources include access to the actual student assessment and an annotated, high-scoring exemplar essay.
  • 40 lesson series for writing strong paragraphs and 45 lesson series for writing strong essays (grades 2, 3, 4 & 5)

Animated Video Series Samples

Our fan-favorite animated writing series with student activities, “Sharpen Up,” is available for grades 3, 4, & 5.

Instructional Material Samples

Educator Portal

Write Score’s Online Educator Portal is a valuable tool for enriching classroom instruction, personalizing learning, and tracking students’ growth. Teachers and administrators will find the information they need in their customized dashboards including:​

  • Step-by-step instructions, rosters, video tutorials.
  • Grade-level Standards Explorer.
  • Student test monitoring in real time to quickly note overall class and grade-level testing completion percentages and progress.
  • Multiple detailed and accessible data reports to facilitate the analysis of student performance, helping instructors identify specific weaknesses, strengths, and trends.
  • Each grade level of our writing program includes a large bank of engaging lesson plans and resources that correlate to data reports, helping simplify targeted instruction.

Florida Standards and Write Score Resources Explorer